Learning Materials - Design, Production and Distribution

Learning Development Services guides and assists academic staff in the creation of learning materials and courses using flexible and distance learning methods.

We design, develop and produce fully accessible, pedagogically sound print-based and online learning materials. Our designers have extensive experience in the production of graphics, animation, 3D modelling and digital audio and video.

Staff support

We can help academic staff to:

  • design learning materials and resources
  • prepare material for delivery in SunSpace
  • communicate and collaborate using SunSpace
  • deliver content in SunSpace
  • monitor and optimise student use of eLearning
  • design multiple choice and other system-marked questions
  • assess students (formatively and summatively) using SunSpace
  • detect and prevent plagiarism using Turnitin SunSpace
  • mark online and provide feedback though GradeMark in SunSpace.

Staff development

We provide staff development to academic staff on:

  • preparing web-based learning materials and learning support
  • producing interactive multimedia materials
  • designing multiple-choice questions
  • managing online assessments and assignment submission.

We offer customised workshops for specific disciplines.