Personal Development

 People Management Workshops Programme

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Equality & Diversity

An Equality e-learning programme is accessible through SunSpace, it aims to raise awareness of the principles of equality and diversity and help create a consistent approach to inclusivity across the University. To access simply logon to SunSpace, using your University id and pw, and click on the link .   The module includes a section about terminology, protected characteristics, harassment and hate incidents as well as a section focussing on what this means for individuals. It’s been  designed to be used flexibly so staff can access the information as and when needed.


In addition to the e-programme,  and for staff who may wish to learn more,   there is a Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity. This NCFE certificate is a distance learning course which helps to identify the basic rights people should have access to and the shared values people have. It also explores the responsibility each person and organisation has in ensuring barriers to participation in society are removed. This qualification is particularly recommended to staff who work in job roles that are student facing. Completion is within a 12 week timeframe and staff can register their interest by emailing



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