Our Mental Wellbeing Statement

As articulated by our corporate value of Inclusiveness , the University of Sunderland recognises the diverse nature of our staff and student community through a proactive approach to equality and diversity, embracing a culture of mutual respect. We recognise that at any one time a proportion of students and staff experience compromised mental health.

The University is committed to working towards an environment that:

  • asserts and protects the rights of people with compromised mental health;
  • removes or lowers obstacles to study and working that may be experienced as problematic by a person whose mental health is compromised;
  • removes or addresses aspects of the University environment that may impact negatively on the mental health of students and staff;
  • promotes activities that nurture excellent mental health.

The University has services that offer direct support to students and staff with compromised mental health. This may include signposting or referring students and staff to external dedicated specialist mental health services in the city and region when appropriate.

We acknowledge that, whilst some behaviour is unacceptable for the orderly functioning of the University, which may involve invoking other University procedures, issues of compromised mental health will be taken into account as appropriate.

In seeking to ensure that these principles are implemented, the University will:

  • aim for all members of University staff whose work involves 'pastoral' contact with students to have training, appropriate to their duties, to allow them to behave sensitively and appropriately regarding the needs of students and staff whose mental health may be compromised.
  • continue to support its services that offer direct support to students and staff with compromised mental health.
  • run educational campaigns to raise awareness or mental health issues, services and procedures.

The University will continue to develop policies and practices that encourage mental health wellbeing and a healthy university.


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