SLS Customer Service Code of Practice

You can expect us to:

  • provide a welcoming, accessible, appropriate and customer-orientated quality service which reflects the range and diverse needs of our users and supports the organisations' key aims and objectives
  • put the customer first and central to everything we do
  • have consistent, transparent and fair procedures which are clearly explained and implemented
  • treat all customers equally with courtesy and respect in an environment which values equality and diversity
  • use our knowledge and expertise to be effective and professional in all our dealings with customers
  • find solutions to problems where possible, acquire information when requested, resolve queries quickly, efficiently and sensitively or keep you informed of progress if the request/query cannot be resolved immediately
  • provide supported referrals to more appropriate internal and external contacts when required
  • fulfil the promises we make to our customers or give reasons why they cannot be achieved
  • invite client feedback, respond to user comments, compliments and complaints, regularly review what we do and communicate changes to our user.
  • handle complaints and their response within a set timescale, taking actions if appropriate or explaining the reasons if not. Provide details of the University┬┐s Complaints procedure, if required
  • give our customers a reason to return to us.

We will expect you to:

  • treat staff and other service users with courtesy, respect and consideration
  • respect and adhere to the procedures and working practices of the service
  • provide the staff with accurate, timely information relating to your issue/enquiry, if required.
  • use the services appropriately and take responsibility for decisions and actions
  • give feedback on our services to help our regular review, evaluation and planning processes.

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