Welcome to the Student and Learning Support at University of Sunderland

"Student and Learning Support will support learners, enabling them to get the very best from their University of Sunderland experience. We will lead in the development and provision of a wide range of innovative systems and services assuring the personal wellbeing for our whole academic community." (SLS vision)

The University's Student and Learning Support provides:

Services for learners by supporting all learners to ensure their personal and academic achievement through:

  • a variety of highly accessible learning environments to meet learning needs
  • a range of library resources and services, both electronic and in print - many of which can be accessed off-campus
  • core infrastructure, including WebCT Vista (SunSpace)
  • key IT systems to support communication and learning
  • personal support to ensure learners are able to overcome physical and mental barriers to success.

Services for staff by offering a range of services to:

  • help academics to provide support to their students
  • support staff's own work
  • support research
  • contribute towards staff's personal wellbeing.

Reaching out services by maintaining and developing links with agencies in Sunderland and the North East region.

SLS is continuously revising and developing its services to anticipate change in student demands and patterns of learning.


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