Welcome to Counselling

The University's counselling service, provides counselling to students and staff of the University. Counselling offers the opportunity to be listened to in the strictest confidence about issues and difficulties that are causing disquiet or distress.

People talk to counsellors for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Some individuals feel uncomfortably isolated and alone with their thoughts and feelings, and find relief in counselling through talking about, and maybe letting go of, their sadness, anxieties, frustrations or shame.
  • Other individuals, although surrounded by people to whom they could talk, prefer to speak to a counsellor about material that is distressing, instead of burdening their relatives, friends or colleagues.

Many people who attend counselling find that the issues by which they feel troubled impact on their life in some detrimental way, such as their ability to concentrate on their work/studies.

Counselling may be able to help you:

  • to reach a greater understanding of your issues and concerns
  • to find ways in which to manage or cope with your problems
  • to think through options for making changes in your life
  • to gain fresh insight into a predicament
  • to benefit from these insights, and
  • to move on in your life.

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