Job Search for International students

Working outside of the UK after your studies

If you are returning to your home country after your studies to work the following resources will be of help to you

  • Going Global

    An online global careers and employment resource which gives access to more than 100,000 international internships and job openings along with access tocountry career guides and corporate profiles.

    To access Going Global click here.*  N.B.  To access Going Global use a University P.C. initially, where you can create your own acount which can then be accessed from home.

    For our students and graduates currently overseas email to request access to Going Global giving your first name and last name and the country where you are currently living. Please put 'Request for Going Global account' as the subject.

    * Students should be aware that any personal details they supply in the course of using this site may not be held securely or benefit from data protection regulation.  Distributing information from this site to other people or organisations, whether electronically or otherwise, or permitting access to anyone who is not a University of Sunderland student, is illegal and is also prohibited under the terms of the Going Global access agreement.  Passwords and the Going Global url are personal to each authorised user and must not be divulged to anyone else.

    Student feedback: If you use Going Global we would value your views on this resource. Please click here to complete the online Going Global user questionnaire.  

Working in the UK after your studies

  • Information on programmes and regulations relating to working in the UK after your studies is available on the UKCISA website. (UKCISA is the UK Council for International Student Affairs)
  • AGCAS International Students (.pdf) covers working in the UK, including finding a job in the UK; recruitment in the UK; getting work experience; visas and work permits. Working outside of the UK. Studying in the UK from an international students perspective, including further study; post grad fees and scholarships
  • We can advise you on your job search.  Please call into the Careers & Employability Service, The Gateway, for more details
  • The University of Sunderland Graduate Internships Scheme offers an excellent way to begin your graduate level career


Going Global

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